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Seattle Study Club of Central New England was created almost 17 years ago by our very own Dr. Eugene Mariani Jr. MS, DDS, PC. Since 2000 our club experienced many changes, yet the high-quality education provided has always been a constant. Today Ancy Verdier, DMD is the director of this exclusive club. Seattle Study Club was originally founded by Dr. Micheal Cohen. Our local club is only a fraction of what Seattle Study Club represents. We our proud to serve the Central New England Region and be a part of something meaningful.

From directly, the rich history behind where it all began before our local club!

"Seattle Study Club, Inc. is an international network of doctors interested in furthering their knowledge to provide excellent care to each and every patient that comes into their practice. There are over 250 clubs in the network located in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, China and Spain. Each club meets regularly for interactive educational programs, discussion on the latest developments in dentistry and presentations by world-renowned clinical speakers. These meetings provide a forum for each member doctor to discuss and plan cases with the collective knowledge of the entire group.

We are often asked what makes this organization so special.

For all of us who are part of the network it’s clear, but also difficult to articulate. It’s easy to touch on the typical highlights of what we do, list the tangible tools we provide and talk about the national events, but none of that really gets to the core of why we do this or why the network has grown from Dr. Cohen’s original club to over 250 clubs around the world over the past 25 years."

SSCofCNE | Seattle Study Club of Central New England

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Previous Speakers Include:

Rob Ritter, DMD

3D's of Dentistry - Digital Dentistry For Everyday Practice 

Greg Tice 

Growth, Change, & Sharing Best Practices

Dr. Bob Margeas

Hands-On Workshop

Dr. Gregory Livanos, DDS

Orthodontic Strategy for the Successful Practice

Christian Coachman

The design Revolution - Management Communication, and Implementation 

Lisa Philip

Generational Diversity & it's Implant on Dentistry 

The Chemistry of Energy Conversion

Hands On

Dr. Herb Bader

The Use of Clinical Laboratory in the Management of Periodontal Disease

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